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Chapter 190 A Macabre Banquet

  • After entering the house, the atmosphere was quite strange. The food had obviously been reheated and left there again. There wasn’t a single servant in the hall, and only Wan Shaolun stood at the door to tell them to help themselves to some food first.
  • There was no music and no ambience. It was supposed to be a banquet, but it was as scary as a funeral. Everyone felt strange after entering the hall, and gathered in small groups, whispering among themselves.
  • Finally a servant entered the hall.
  • “Hey you, wait!” One middle aged man called after the butler and asked him strangely, “Where are the other servants? Where’s the band? Why is a banquet by the Wans like this?”
  • The butler’s face was terrifyingly pale. He looked at that man in panic, put down the things in his hand and ran off, ignoring his questions altogether.
  • Shang Qing and Feng Kaize had arrived too.
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