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Chapter 186 The Insane Wan Shaolun

  • After Wan Shaolun released his grip, the doctor held his neck and retreated as quickly as he could. His face was all pale and looked like a ghost.
  • He suddenly thought about getting the vaccine, but he didn’t have so much money…and even if he got that vaccine, there was only a 1% chance of surviving, so it was nearly as good as impossible!
  • He finally started screaming and shouting! He struggled on the ground with blood everywhere, like a wild animal that had gone crazy.
  • “Why!!! Why did you do that!!!”
  • Within the enclosed space, Wan Shaolun burst out laughing when he heard this and revealed a row of bloodied teeth. “Great, now you’re infected too, so you can come and live a normal life with me now!”
  • The doctor’s eyes turned bloodshot immediately.
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