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Chapter 181 Female Companion

  • When the local government heard that Feng Kaize was here to settle some assets, they thought it very strange. But when they heard from Feng Kaize’s men that Feng Kaize loved his woman very dearly and he had come here first to see her, then to get rid of the things he had on hand, they felt it made sense.
  • Feng Kaize had always done whatever he wanted anyway.
  • The local government figured they could take everything from Feng Kaize’s hands. It took up five cargo aircrafts, but they estimated that everything should not cost them more than 10 billion, so it was worth taking it from him.
  • Everyone knew that Feng Kaize had taken some assets from Uriket, and Uriket was famous for being extremely picky when he was alive. So his things were definitely of high quality.
  • Once Feng Kaize knew that they were prepared to take all of it from him, he happily passed everything to them and concentrated on taking care of Shang Qing.
  • In order to prevent anybody in the local government from finding out that these things were actually dug out from Gimor, Feng Kaize completely destroyed the cave after taking everything out, destroying that terrifying experimental lab along with it. After the leak of the virus from this lab had already brought great harm to this town, it was better for it to be destroyed.
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