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Chapter 173 Playing Dirty

  • The mercenaries that Wan Shaolun sent over never expected that their leader could be caught so easily by that fragile looking woman!
  • The man had no choice but to bend his knees because he was taller than Shang Qing, but she was holding onto his neck and pointing a gun at him, and he was in a difficult spot now.
  • “What do you want?!” The large black man was called Chaderva. He had purposely come here after making sure that Shang Qing’s men and the soldiers weren’t around, but he didn’t know about Sikong Jin at all. He had gotten a special pass to fly in, but while his plane could come in, it couldn’t go out, and was still up on the mountain!
  • “What do I want? Simple. I just want to ask you a few questions.”
  • Shang Qing laughed into his ear. “Why did Wan Shaolun call you to come here? To kill me?”
  • She asked in a very imposing manner, so after considering his options for just one second, Chaderva decided to be honest with her. “He hopes that you’ll be infected with the K virus and die here.” And he had thought this was a very simple mission.
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