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Chapter 131 If Young Master Proposes to You

  • Yue Mengru finally came back to her senses. Young Master Feng had realized that she had lied to him! She pleaded with him in a small voice, hoping to get away by acting as pitifully as possible. But because she was terrified of Feng Kaize, it was hard to even try to look like the victim.
  • She suddenly reached out a hand and grabbed Feng Kaize’s pant leg. Her hand was trembling slightly because she was really afraid this time.
  • “Kaize… no, Young Master Feng! Young Master Feng! I won’t do this again… I, I, I really won’t… seeing that we’re childhood friends…”
  • “Seeing that we’re childhood friends,” Feng Kaize smiled chillingly as he pulled his pant leg away from her, “I’ve decided you can spend a few less days in jail.”
  • “Jail?!” The Yues’ faces fell immediately. What had their daughter done to deserve jail time?!
  • Feng Kaize lifted his beautiful jaw and narrowed his eyes as he calmly explained, “She had tried to kill my sister in front of me, so that’s attempted murder! Mr Yue, wait for my lawyer’s letter!”
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