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Chapter 100 Bad News

  • After hearing these words, Shang Qing didn’t know how to respond at all. Feng Kaize was still under observation, but why did everyone around her seem to think she was definitely marrying him?
  • Shang Qing shook her head and was about to speak when suddenly there was a loud whoosh followed by a loud blast! A missile had hit the rotor blades, causing the helicopter to lean to one side, followed by the shrill alarm to indicate that the operating system had failed.
  • “Bad news! The helicopter has gone out of control!” the pilot shouted loudly. They were under attack, so Shang Qing quickly put on the parachute.
  • The helicopter was veering left and right and was spiraling down towards a forested area.
  • The pilot was really unable to control the helicopter anymore, so he shouted, “Jump!”
  • Then he was ejected by the seat.
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