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Chapter 19 Avoiding Them

  • Ares Collin
  • Me and Rosie got out from the car and walked together side by side to the lift. We just arrived at our apartment building and it's already late. We got into the lift and I don't want to talk to Rosie because she's in a really sensitive state and I don't want to hurt her with my words even though I won't say anything bad.
  • "I want to.. uhmm.. order pizza, if you want.. we can eat together." She said suddenly right before the lift door opened, stopping right on her floor.
  • "I'd love to." I said and she gestured to me to follow her out. We walked towards her door and she put in the passcode.
  • "I'll go change first." She said and I nodded. I let her go to her room and I walked towards the living room. I sat on the sofa and started to look around. I love her design of the house, she has a big bookshelf near the entrance door and a small comfy looking sofa right next to it.
  • I got up and walked towards the bookshelf looking at the books that she read. I scanned one by one and chuckled when I saw weird books like how to be a successful gagwoman and some other weird stuff. My eyes landed on one section on the bookshelf.
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