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Chapter 21

  • Advaita was happy as Snehith forgave her. But she decided to convince Prathigna. Advaita felt that they can be happy only when the family is happy. Snehith came home and watching TV. Advaita decided to talk about Prathigna.
  • "Snehith, Shall I talk something to you?"
  • "Tell me, Advaita."
  • "Prathigna, I mean what shall we do to convince her?"
  • "You no need to do anything. Most importantly I want you to stay away from this matter completely if you don't want any conflict between us again," Snehith said.
  • Hiding tears, Advaita went back to the room. She laid on the bed weeping but hearing his foot steps, she wiped the tears. She sat on the bed.
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