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Chapter 19

  • Next day Advaita woke up and saw Snehith still sleeping. She slowly got up not to disturb him. She took a shower and got ready near the dressing table. She found him still sleeping.
  • "Snehith, wake up. You will be late to your office. Don't scold me again saying that I didn't wake you up. Wake up, Mr. Handsome."
  • Snehith didn't wake up. She went near to him and placed her hand on his forehead to wake him up. But she realised that his forehead is burning. She understood that he got fever. She called the doctor. The doctor gave an injection to him and prescribed a few medicines.
  • Advaita sat near him. Still he didn't open his eyes. She never saw him like this. He didn't opening his eyes and talk to her. He is her only strength and he lying on the bed like that, worried her. Her mind totally stopped thinking.
  • Snehith opened his eyes after two hours.  He tried to say something. His voice is very low. She bent near to him.
  • "Didn't you go to office?" He said.
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