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Chapter 16

  • Advaita and Snehith went downstairs. Advaita's birthday celebrations started. Advaita completed cutting the cake and fed Snehith and their family. Snehith went onto the stage.
  • "Hello, everyone. Thank you for accepting our invitation and coming here to make this day a great day. Now, the cake cutting was over. I am going to reveal the gift that I am going to give to my lovely wife Advaita on this day. I invite Advaita to come onto stage," Snehith said.
  • Advaita smiled and went onto the stage.
  • "Here is the surprise. As you all know that I have started a new wing of the company in the field of cosmetics, the MD of my new firm is Advaita. I feel proud to announce her as the MD because I know she is talented and good at handling business. I request you all to wish her good luck."
  • Saying this he handedover the documents to Advaita. Advaita didn't understand how to react.
  • "I didn't expect this. How can I fulfill my wish of starting a new company and establishing myself? Snehith announced in front of everyone that I am the MD of his new firm. How can I refuse now? If I didn't accept his offer, he may be angry with me. It's better to be calm and accept his offer. Because after all he is the one who gave me this new life. I can't hurt him. If he is not there, I have no life. So, I must think only about him and his happiness rather than my dreams. If he is happy, definitely I will be happy.
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