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Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis

Henryk Sienkiewicz

Update: 2020-04-22


  • IN the trilogy "With Fire and Sword," "The Deluge," and "Pan Michael,"
  • Sienkiewicz has given pictures of a great and decisive epoch in modern
  • history. The results of the struggle begun under Bogdan Hmelnitski have been
  • felt for more than two centuries, and they are growing daily in importance.
  • The Russia which rose out of that struggle has become a power not only of
  • European but of world-wide significance, and, to all human seeming, she is yet
  • in an early stage of her career.
  • In "Quo Vadis" the author gives us pictures of opening scenes in the conflict
  • of moral ideas with the Roman Empire, — a conflict from which Christianity
  • issued as the leading force in history.
  • The Slays are not so well known to Western Europe or to us as they are sure to
  • be in the near future; hence the trilogy, with all its popularity and merit,
  • is not appreciated yet as it will be.
  • The conflict described in "Quo Vadis" is of supreme interest to a vast number
  • of persons reading English; and this book will rouse, I think, more attention
  • at first than anything written by Sienkiewicz hitherto.
  • June, 1896