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Chapter 7 The Three Dukes

  • He yanked my hand away from me, as I had no idea where we were heading. I simply nodded and lowered my head, counting the steps we had traveled. However, as we proceeded, the carpet remained in my line of sight.
  • I raised my head to look at him as he came to a halt.
  • As soon as I raised my eyes, I noticed he was waiting for me, his eyes filled with affection. Despite his kind and comforting eyes, I have no idea what lies underneath them.
  • I examined the area in front of us and spotted a wide door that I believe led to his bedroom. He did not talk, but he unlocked the door and guided me inside smoothly.
  • As soon as the door shut, he snatched me up with a kiss, like a ravenous lion. He propped me up against the back of the door and raised one of my legs to his waist. His arm was securely wrapped around my hips, as if he was about to announce that I was his.
  • I did not return his embraces and let him be the only one who stirred. However, no matter how hard I tried to resist opening my lips, I couldn't help groaning as he squeezed my nipple.
  • 'Ngh...'
  • That was why his tongue invaded my mouth.
  • "Do not oppose me." He placed one of my hands on his shoulder.
  • Due to my pride, I believed that holding him was simply asking for support. Even though I was still clothed, I could feel his heated body trying to manipulate me and turn me into a slave.
  • When the two of us became tense, a knock from behind me brought us to a halt. Like a reaction, I pushed him hard while still adjusting my wet clothing. It felt as if someone had thrown cold water on me, and all I wanted to do was throw myself someplace.
  • It was an act of treachery on Archer's part.
  • "Pardon me for burdening you, my Lord, but I wanted to notify you that the three dukes have arrived. They're keen on seeing you," I overheard a woman's voice outside.
  • On the other hand, Logan tousled his hair, as if repulsed. He never took his attention away from me. His eyes clouded. I stepped out of his way and gave him room.
  • "Gaia, advise them that they must wait for me. Moreover, don't forget to mention that the following time, they should send a prior notice if they intend to visit Buckingham Palace! Do not take me at their whim!" His voice grew frightening. It exudes authority.
  • "D-Definitely, Your Majesty."
  • "You can leave."
  • When he declared his approval. I heard the woman he called Gaia took rapid steps, as if frightened.
  • He is not lying when he claims everyone admires him since he is the Lycan king.
  • As I turned my back on him, I observed his eyes were fixed on me. I had lost track of what was going to happen to me next. I'm concerned as to what the Shadow pack was thinking in the absence of news that the Lycan king had not yet perished.
  • “I shall have my leave now. Keep an eye out for the person who will arrive and give you the garments."
  • Despite the fact that I was not facing him, I simply nodded. Where is he going to dress? Will he return to the bathroom to find Mary?
  • When the surroundings grew silent, I assumed he had exited and I had just missed him due to the depth of my thoughts.
  • When I was about to confront something, I felt a hand on my face; the next thing I felt was a kiss on my neck and the loud sound that indicated a kiss mark was being left.
  • "As I have emphasized, you are mine. I can hear your unhappiness in your heart. I can't mark you with my fang without your permission.”
  • I was taken aback by what had occurred.
  • “But that marking can tell that you are the only one to me. You belong to my bed. To my arms. And next to the Lycan king. Avoid hiding that mark."