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Post Haste

Post Haste

Robert Michael Ballantyne

Update: 2020-04-22


  • This tale is founded chiefly on facts furnished by the Postmaster-General’s
  • Annual Reports, and gathered, during personal intercourse and investigation,
  • at the General Post-Office of London and its Branches.
  • It is intended to illustrate—not by any means to exhaust—the subject of postal
  • work, communication, and incident throughout the Kingdom.
  • I have to render my grateful acknowledgments to _**Sir Arthur Blackwood**_ ;
  • his private secretary, _**Charles Eden, Esquire**_ ; and those other officers
  • of the various Departments who have most kindly afforded me every facility for
  • investigation, and assisted me to much of the information used in the
  • construction of the tale.
  • If it does not greatly enlighten, I hope that it will at all events interest
  • and amuse the reader.
  • _**R.M. Ballantyne**_.