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Chapter 11 Bargaining

  • “Then why?” I probed. Still wanting to find the real reason he was trying to get me under his roof. “I find it hard to believe it’s just my company you’re yearning for.”
  • He seems like he can barely tolerate me most days.
  • “Told you. Like the presence of a woman.” He went back to scanning the room with those alert eyes. “The smell of woman shampoo conditioners, candles, the general vibrant softness that she brings to a room. Things are better when one is around.”
  • That was a horribly intimate thing to say.
  • “I’ve never heard a man talk like that.”
  • “How many do you know that were raised, with all brothers, by their father?” He tugged at the cuff of one sleeve pulling his jacket off and setting free some wide shoulders as he meticulously plucked the collar to find a center line and folded it. Setting it on the benched seat next to him.
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