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Chapter 9 PLANS

  • Immediately Brittany hit the wall, voices were heard in the huge room, gasping in shock at the un-natural act that had been wrought in the lunch section.
  • The room went into confusion as some ran to help Brittany, while others simply ran out of the room screaming for fear of their lives. It was a total chaos as some other staffers who heard the loud noises coming from the lunch section, trooped into the room but got knocked down and trampled upon, especially by the bigger officers.
  • The room was nothing but a total chaos that only left Benedictha standing in a state of confusion, feeling nothing but anger.
  • It wasn’t enough that her towns’ folks were dying right under her nose and she could do nothing, it wasn’t enough that innocent have been taken, and are still being taken but cannot be avenged, it wasn’t enough that her intelligence was a waste in this period, it wasn’t enough that she had blindly accused her fellow officer because of this so called ‘mystery killer’, it wasn’t enough that this ‘mystery killer’ had taken away her suspects right in her presence and she couldn’t even raise her finger and now, now she couldn’t even prevent this killer’s attacks from affecting her friend and colleague. She was right here and she couldn’t even see what she was seeing, let alone defend her.
  • Whoever told her being a cop made her a super human, whatever made her believe being a cop made her everybody’s favourite hero, how did she ever think she was good enough to bare this responsibility.
  • Benedictha could do nothing but watch her juniors run around, confused, scared, insecure and even trampling on one another. Could she ever get more useless to the extent of letting Brittany get hurt? No, this was it.
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