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Chapter 7 FACTS

  • Decade 18 of search for the key
  • Claire opened her tear filled eyes. She felt do bad. Never ever did she think that her little boy was going to grow up to face such a worrisome destiny.
  • Of course she knew she couldn’t keep him in a bubble for ever, she knew she he would have to grow up and wouldn’t always have her by his side whenever he called and she hated all of that. She was ready to do anything to have her little boy safe. She always thought letting him dwell in the land of the human was going to keep him safe and keep his soul unidentified by their rivalling tribe but of course, destiny coul not be changed, it could only be tampered with. She already did once and was ready to do so again.
  • She was desperate, desperate to take her baby’s destiny away from him even if it meant he had to live like an ordinary man, she was desperate to save him even if it meant going against the ways of the infinity.
  • The Infinity
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