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Chapter 5

  • Her heart beats rapidly against her chest as she hops out of the car, holding the flower in her hand tightly, like she's seeking comfort from it. Looking around the parking lot where many cars are parked, her nervousness increases rapidly as realization dawns on her that there'll be many people in the magnificent villa in front of her.
  • "Behave yourself in there," Ren warns him for the second time as he stands side by side with her, while having a disgusting look on his face. As much as he doesn't want to do this, it doesn't seem like he has an option at this point.
  • "Where did you run off to, Ren? I have been trying to reach you, but your phone was switched off," Mrs. Bradford says as she hurries up to them, but she stops on her track and pulls a puzzled look when she spots Lilian standing beside her son.
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