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Plump, Hated, And Bullied

Plump, Hated, And Bullied

Cha Cha

Update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • The sound of the blaring alarm pulls Lilian Sanchez off her deep slumber, and she forces her eyes open as the blurry ceiling welcomes her. Again, she has woken up to deal with the miseries of her life and chooses whether to stay alive or get thrown into depression and probably end up committing suicide. She will eventually have to choose between the two. What do you expect from a young innocent lady that got nothing all her life, but bullies and rejection from the world?
  • Her name is Lilian Sanchez, twenty-one years old chubby, short and ugly young lady. The only child of her sick father, and her mom divorced her father and abandoned the little girl when she was just six months old. Lilian grew up having no idea why her mom had to abandon her, why she had to make that decision, what could've pushed her to abandon her six months old baby? That is the question that has been disturbing her for years now, but she never got the answers she wants. 'What do I even expect? Maybe I was so fat that she couldn't stand my presence and had to reject me too. Guess I was born for that' she always ended up concluding.
  • Realizing that she has an interview at Bradford's empire in two hours, she hurries down the bed and scurries into the bathroom to have her bath before she would finally gets dressed. Staring at her plump reflection in the mirror minutes later, she tries so hard not to cry. She's not having a good feeling about the interview for the fear of getting bullied there.
  • "Believe in yourself, Lilian," She assures herself although she knows it's not going to help her. She needs this job so badly so she can pay for their house rent later, and also pay for her dad's medicines too. Her strict stepmother would eventually kill her with frustration if she don't get the job. Speaking of her stepmother, her father got married to the witch when she was just ten, and since then she hasn't had a single child for the old man before he even fell ill some months ago, and has been hospitalized since then. All she does in the house is bully Lilian and call her all sorts of names. To everyone around her, being extremely fat is a curse, except her dad that never stopped telling her how beautiful she is. 'Lose weight already, you ugly thing', 'you're too chubby and not smart enough in moving your body. Are you scared of falling to the ground?' Her stepmother would always mock her. For goodness sake, she doesn't weigh up to three hundred pounds.
  • Taking a deep breath, she finally picks up her file from the bed and ambles out of the room. Stepping into the living room a few minutes later, the annoying glare of her stepmother welcomes her.
  • "Good morning, ma'am Felicia," She greet her politely, but only earns a hard glare from her. Don't blame her for calling the woman that, it's what she prefers. In all the years she has spent with Lilian's dad, she has never for once allowed the girl to call her 'mom', and not that she too wants to, anyway.
  • "You know the landlord would throw us out later if we don't provide the money, so don't fail us," The woman says to her as if she's the one that'll employ herself there.
  • "I'll take note of that," she replies to her before she finally strides out of the house, and takes a cab to the company.
  • Arriving at the company a few minutes later, she stares at the building in front of her as she holds her file tightly. She was called for the interview after applying to work as a secretary to the CEO some weeks ago. She has almost forgotten that she applied for a job there until she was called for the interview just three days ago. Staring at the building, she sighs briefly, unsure whether to go inside, or just turn back from here
  • "You can do this, Lilian. Just believe in yourself that you can," She assures herself one more time before she finally ambles to the big iron gate and walks in since it's opened. Stepping into the company minutes later, the stares that welcome her give her bad feelings, and she can't help but regret showing up there in the first place. If only she can do it, she would stay indoors all day, and never step out. If that is what it will save herself from these bullies.
  • "Why is she so fat?"
  • "The sight of her irritates me,"
  • "It would've been better if she lose some weight," Hearing those whispers as she waits in the lobby for the said interviewer, she can't help the sadness and pain that fills her heart. Do they think that she doesn't want to lose weight? Do they think that this is what she wishes for myself? Of course, she also wants to be slim and be called a beautiful young lady. She also wants to walk in those elegant clothes and heels, but what was she supposed to do when she was already cursed with this fatness?
  • "Lilian Sanchez, it's your turn," Hearing her name gives her a feeling of a burden being lifted off her shoulders. At least, she can finally leave these bitches. Trailing behind the lady that just came to call her, she feels her heart pounding against her chest nervously like it's trying to force its way out.
  • Arriving at the office of a young man, the interview kicks start immediately.
  • "Congratulations, Miss Sanchez. You passed the first stage of the interview. You'll be directed to the manager for the second stage, before the CEO would interview you himself," The man says to her with a genuine smile on his face. It's the first time someone is ever going to smile at her genuinely.
  • Leaving his office to the manager's office as per his description, she arrives at the office after searching for it for some minutes.
  • A few minutes later
  • Standing in front of the said CEO's office, her heart beats even more rapidly against her chest as she clenches her sweaty hands. She passed the first and second stages, but she's so worried about the final stage. What if she doesn't end up passing it?
  • Taking a deep breath, she musters courage and pushes the door open after she knocked, and he ushered her in. Stepping into the office, her heartbeat stops abruptly as she beholds the most charming young man she has ever seen in her years of existence. His raven hair is clinging to his head with some strands curled on his forehead, he has thick eyebrows, small heart-shaped pink lips, long eyelashes, and his skin. Gosh! He's so handsome.
  • "You are the new assistant my manager talked about, right?" Still having his gaze on the screen of the desktop, he speaks up in his deep baritone voice, and her heart melts slowly.
  • "Yes, Sir," She finally finds her voice to reply to him. Her breath seizes for seconds when he finally raises his gaze to look at her, his brown charming eyes piercing into hers. Is he a human or a magic creature?
  • "What are you doing here?" His voice sounds angry this time, snapping her out of her world of fantasy, and the disgusted look on his face scares her to death.
  • "Sir, I..."
  • "Who let you into my office?" He snaps at her angrily.
  • "I was sent here by the manager for the final stage of the interview as..."
  • "You're not qualified. Get out," He cuts her off with pure disgust written on his face and sounds in his voice.
  • "But Sir... You have not interviewed me yet," Her heart beats rapidly as she prays silently that it's not what she's thinking. Is it her bad luck at it again?
  • "I can't work with you. I can't let a balloon person work in my company. Do you want to see yourself out, or do you need the security to help you out?" He spits angrily, and her heart sinks into her stomach. Her fear has finally come true. She shouldn't have expected less, this was bound to happen anyway.
  • "You could've asked me to leave without calling me a balloon, right?" The tears she has been fighting back finally find their way out of my eyes as she turns and walks out of his office, slamming the door behind her...