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Chapter 6

  • Linnea POV
  • The next morning I woke up with pain all over my body. I would have stood up but I noticed that someone was hugging my waist and when I looked at it I saw that it was Hunter who was fast asleep.
  • I can’t stop thinking that even though he took my virginity and he also toyed with my body I still couldn’t help but admire him. I also couldn’t understand why I felt this way, I still wanted to meet him but I was also scared.
  • I removed his hand slowly that was hugging me and got up to take a bath while he was still asleep. While I was taking a bath I could feel the dirt on my whole body, even if I soaped a few times it still wouldn't change that I was no longer a virgin.
  • Just as I came out of the bathroom I saw Hunter already sitting while the two maids were placing a tray full of food on the small table, then they also quickly left the room.
  • "Let's eat and then you can go home." He said.
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