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Chapter 29

  • Linnea POV
  • It's been a month and so far nothing is bothering our lives especially with Aiden. Maybe Hunter has done it the way he promised. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief because our lives were finally slowly returning to normal.
  • I went down to cook because the maids weren't here and they were off today, so I offered myself to do the cooking. We talked about celebrating the new life we ​​have. I don't even know what trip those two men were on and they thought about it.
  • The night came and Hunter got home too. He even helped me prepare the food, I only cooked a little and most of it was still collected because I knew they were just going to have a drink. While Aiden picked up Ciara.
  • Soon they also arrived so we started eating and then we went to the pool area to continue the celebration. While we were in the middle of drinking Ciara spoke.
  • "Hey Aiden! What is your real plan in life? If you like me you can tell me and I'll answer you right away." Ciara suddenly said. I could almost swallow what I was drinking because of what my friend said.
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