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Chapter 28

  • Aiden POV
  • I really can't quite imagine that the day will come when Hunter and I will get along and he will still help me with the problem I have, just like what Linnea did at first. I don't think she will come back and save me. If it wasn’t for the two of them I would have died.
  • When I was still living in another country like Hunter, I also had illegal businesses that were managed and the problem happened one after another so I thought about leaving and going home to the Philippines, so I know if my other investors were angry because I left them in the air.
  • While we were getting ready to leave the hospital, Hunter mentioned that I needed to stay in his house for my own safety while he was still fixing the problem, so I didn't complain anymore because he knew I wouldn't stop either. of this man when I did not consent.
  • It's also okay for me to have someone at home, unlike before when I trained myself to live alone since my parents passed away. He was right between the two of us, I was the one who changed and he wasn't, I was the one who made the way for us to have a fight.
  • And now that we were on the way home, none of us tried to speak.
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