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Chapter 27

  • Hunter POV
  • I'm here now in the private room where Aiden and Linnea were brought, I just requested that they be put together so that I don't get tired of moving around to look at them. To this day Linnea is still unconscious while Aidens just woke up.
  • "What did you get into and did your business get into those people?" I asked him as soon as I could get close to it.
  • He looked at me first before sighing. "I didn't know it would take this long, so I decided to come home here while thinking of a way to fix my mess between them." He explained.
  • How many times I was slapped on the forehead when Dane told me all the information he got about the people who attacked Aiden, I couldn't quite imagine Aiden going to collide with those people. So I instructed Dane to find a way to fix its mess and if he needed money he would give it to them.
  • "Don't worry about it Hunter, I will find a better way for me to fix the mess I got into, so if Linnea wakes up, leave and start your life."
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