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Chapter 15

  • Linnea returned to Hunter's room with a tray of food. She was about to open the door when she heard the young man's voice inside talking to someone on the phone so she didn't go in first because she didn't want to disturb him.
  • "You have to get all the information on that stupid Aiden. I can't miss his sympathy for Linnea. Find out everything, especially what his preoccupations are." he heard the young man's words.
  • The person he was talking to was talking about something else that the woman hadn't heard much about so she decided to go inside.
  • "All right, fix that and report to me right away. Bye." he last heard the young man say to the interlocutor before he lowered it.
  • "Did you eat already?” Hunter asks her.
  • Linnea nodded and placed the tray on the table on the side of the bed. "I brought you breakfast, I thought you were still asleep."
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