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Chapter 11

  • Hunter POV
  • When I got home I was surprised because Linnea was not there yet. I checked the time and it was close to eight o'clock so I just decided to go to her apartment to pick her up.
  • We had a fast trip because there wasn't much traffic so my guards and I got to the place he was renting. I went down to check it out but it was already locked. So we didn't stay long there and left just in case I saw her on the road.
  • As we drove down the road I noticed three men who seemed to be having fun, I would not have paid any more attention when I saw the woman who stumbled upon and was surrounded by men.
  • My head immediately heated up realizing what they wanted to do to Linnea so I quickly got out of the car and so did my men. I could see how scared she was because of her trembling body, I tried to tap her but she threw my hand away. Maybe she thought that those men were still holding her.
  • I sat down to match her before I spoke, when she heard my voice she looked at me and I was surprised when she suddenly hugged me. It took us a few more minutes before I took her in the car. My guards already knew what they would do to the men who molested Linnea.
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