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Chapter 8 - Something In The Rain - Part II

  • "Heath." She called his name and I could hear it faintly soft from where I was standing. Immediately, I increased my pace, my feet landing on the puddle of mud in haste, before I stood beside Heath, eyeing Kiara. 
  • "Heath." She called him again and I tilted my head to see Heath looking at anywhere but her. 
  • Kiara took one step towards him and he took one step away from her, hitting my shoulder in the process, to now stand in front of me, his back facing me. 
  • "I..." Kiara started to say something but stopped when she saw him glaring at her. 
  • "I don't have anything to say to you." He said, before striding past her in haste, bumping her shoulder harshly in the process. I could see him walking, more like running in the street, as the rain above us once again started to increase in intensity. 
  • Kiara didn't turn around to see him walking away. She didn't look broken like he was. She didn't look hopeless like he had been seeing her like that. 
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