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Chapter 13 - Something In The Rain - Part VIII

  • The minute the words were out from my mouth, he removed his hand from my cheek. His green eyes darkened, black pearls of hues swiveling under them. Suddenly, he took my hands and pinned them above my head, pressing them harder against the wall. I bit my lips in pain, as he glided his long fingers along the length of my own, rather harder. 
  • "What're you doing muhhh-" He pressed his hot lips against mine, opening his mouth, kissing them, nibbling them, licking them. His teeth rolled my lower lip and he sucked roughly on it. 
  • I felt alarmed by his sudden actions but couldn't deny that my body was reaction otherwise to his ministrations. 
  • My mind was in haze, his mouth moving like a lava on my lips, tasting them, gliding them, feasting on them. 
  • When I got the nick of the situation, I tried to struggle against him, pushing him away with my free legs but he put his one leg in between my thighs and my eyes widened to feel the tightness in his pants, rubbing against my stomach. 
  • His lips licked my lower lip for entrance, and I refused to grant him one. To show his anger, he pushed me harder against the wall, pressing his large hands harder over my fingers, interwining them with his own but I refused to give him what he wanted. 
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