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Owned By The Alpha Billionaire

Owned By The Alpha Billionaire


Last update: 2022-12-12

Chapter 1

  • " Miss Lomie Come in, please.” My boss, Mr Trevor, waved a hand at the two chairs facing his desk. “Have a seat, Freya” He said, not bothering to look me in the eye as we both sat in silence, my heart was beating fast as I sat in front of Mr Trevor, I had seen that look before, when Ava was taken off the work list, I was fortunate to be in Mr Trevor's office, giving him details about his schedule for the week.
  • Few weeks later I learnt why Ava was taken out of the office list, she refused to give in to Mr Trevor, in return he had her fired, and I took over the position, he never tried such attempt with me, but sitting in his office, I could not describe what I was feeling, fear? Anticipation? Adrenaline? I don't know.
  • “Mr Trevor, what is the issue?" I asked, not liking the silence in the office.
  • He slid into his modern black leather desk chair and then unbuttoned his suit coat, He tugged at the cuffs of his pressed white button-down shirt, cleared his throat. “Well, Miss Lomie, I’ll cut right to the chase.
  • We’re letting you go, I’m afraid. It’s nothing to do with you — it’s simply that we’re streamlining our workflow, and as the newest, and least experienced member of our team…well, your services have become somewhat superfluous.”
  • I blinked. Twice. Three times. “I’m…what?”
  • “Superfluous. It means—”
  • “I know what superfluous means. I just don’t understand why this is happening. Just last week Mitch said I was next in line for a permanent position—”
  • Mr. Trevor cut me off with a raised hand. “Mitch was incorrect, and I do apologize for the misunderstanding. You see, he had a rather unfortunate habit of making promises he had no authority to make, and no wherewithal to keep them.
  • He, too, has been let go.” A discreet clearing of his throat indicated the subject was closed. He opened a drawer and withdrew an envelope. “Your final paycheck, Ms Lomie, It includes a two-week severance allowance. You’ll clear out your desk immediately. Should you require a referral, you may submit a request in writing through the appropriate channels.”
  • I shook my head. “No, please—Mr. Trevor, you can’t do this. I need this job, you don’t even know. I’ve never been late, never failed to do my job better than anyone else in my pool. Please, give me a chance—”
  • “Miss Lomie. Begging will not change the facts. The matter is closed. You were assigned to us through a temp agency. Temp, meaning temporary. As I said, this isn’t a punishment. We are not firing you—we are simply letting you go now that your position is no longer necessary. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a conference call in a few moments.” Mr. Trevor arched an eyebrow at me expectantly.
  • “Fine.” I stood up, smoothing my navy pencil skirt over my hips, turning away. “Prick.”
  • “Excuse me?” Mr. Trevor rose to his feet, a fist clenched at his side. “What did you say?”
  • I lifted my chin. “I said, prick.” I used the same condescending tone he so often affected. “It’s a derogatory term meaning penis. Meaning, you…are…a…dick.” I turned away again, and grabbed the doorknob and twisted it.
  • I was stopped by a hand on my wrist. “Now, now, Miss Lomie, You don’t want to go name-calling, do you? I can very easily call your temp agency and make sure you never work in their pool again.” His fingers tightened on my wrist, and I felt his breath on my neck. “And…you know, there may be one way you could keep your job. Possibly even get that permanent position you mentioned.”