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Chapter 7

  • "I love them both, Vince, but you can start me with vibes and take me through my first one and then begin adding the rotation, that will get me cumming like nothing else," she told him as he asked her if there were any of the wives left to try it.
  • "Oh, just Marsha's left and she's coming Sunday afternoon. And then they will have all been on it," she told him as he was now adding some rotation to the deep buzzing coming from the base of the machine. Looking over, he saw his wife laying on the bed with Scott's head down between her legs keeping her happy and turned it up a bit more as Maureen sucked and sucked on his happy cock.
  • Scott was down licking over her soft, reddened pussy lips, now knowing that his idea to get their wives to become more sexual was certainly working but he knew now that not only was that happening but they were all willing, even eager, to have sex with all the husbands and, he was thinking, also one another. He knew that two and, even, three of the wives were seeming to be open to sex with each other and he, for one, loved joining in with Maureen and Jenna, something he'd never done before but now, having enjoyed it so much, regretted not trying to join in as a male with some of the young women he knew were involved with each other in college. But, better late than never and this was an unplanned but very welcome addition to what was happening between them and their closest friends. And you can't get closer than what they were doing.
  • "Mmm, I love how you make your tongue feel so soft, Scott, it's just what I'm needing right now, mmm, then, maybe if we have time, you could fuck me?" she asked quietly as his cock hardened even more as it hung beneath him, especially now hearing his wife orgasming on the Sybian as she sucks Sophie's husband, Vince.
  • "Maureen and I thought we would sleep with each of you separately, Sophie, so I'd love to make love to you," he said more romantically to her though after her riding the Sybian into the frenzy she felt, she was wanting to be fucked more than made love to.
  • "Mmm, I was hoping something like that would happen, this is going to be the best fun ever, Scott? Have you ever thought of having sex with me?" she asked interrupting him at his happy chore between her legs.
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