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Chapter 6

  • The wives made breakfast and then they went back for one last ride and then back to bed to give themselves a fuck to remember. Until the next time.
  • After they left, Maureen asked who her husband wanted next and he just told her to surprise him and she went and called Sophie, who was just as predictably excited as Jenna had been. And she asked right out if Scott would be running the machine and Maureen told her that, yes, she could suck his cock while he ran the controls. And, it was obvious that Sophie must have done some thinking already about her husband.
  • So, they planned it for the coming Friday night at seven and their week was filled with Scott getting Maureen off on it every evening until she was just totally sated by it. But she was wanting it now every day, knowing it was nearly all she was thinking about.
  • With Jim traveling midweek, Jenna came over on Wednesday evening for another ride on it and spent the night with Maureen and Scott and that was when the first girly sex happened between any of the wives.
  • Scott had seen Sophie in a bikini a few times which was always a delight with her being only five-one and a curvy blond who often wore her hair pulled back into a ponytail making her look more like a high school cheerleader than a thirty-year-old woman. But, even more, it was her breasts that every male has remembered about her since she came out of middle school. They were so full and plump, she became very embarrassed by their size and tried, until she met Vince, to dress to minimize them. It was Vince who convinced her that she was beautiful, especially naked, which, now accepting it herself, is often naked around the house and Vince could hardly keep his hands off her which she has enjoyed very much right up until the the moment they dressed to come over to Scott and Maureen's to ring their doorbell as she stood there excitedly wanting to sit filled with the Sybian's masterful cock. Like Maureen and Jenna, she had watched and watched the videos, even at work, driving herself into a sexual frenzy by the time she got home and kept Jim in bed until she had just ground his cock into submission.
  • And she hadn't even ridden it yet.
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