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Chapter 5

  • They were hardly doing anything else, many of their meals were ordered-in, she just could hardly bear to be off the Sybian and now he was seeing the same beginning with her friend, Jenna.
  • It doesn't take long before a woman orgasms on this wonder-machine and Scott soon had Jenna through two that were stunning to watch happen.
  • And then he gave the controller to Jim as his wife was having climax after climax as now Jim stepped up to her to take over.
  • "Why don't you get behind her and lean over and rub her breasts, hon," Maureen said to her husband, wanting to help things to go farther as he moved around in back of her and dropped his arms over her shoulders and began rubbing down over her boobs. Maureen, watching this, now was going to do what she'd been thinking about and that was to crouch down next to Jenna and dip her head in to lick and rub her tongue over her clit as Jenna now just surrendered herself to the power of this machine to rule a woman's body as they put her through nearly an hour and a half more of the most intense ecstasy she had ever experienced.
  • She was the one who finally said to stop and they had to help her off the machine and put her in bed while Maureen suggested that Jim give her a ride on it while Scott could tend to Jim's blissful wife.
  • Maureen wasn't on it long before Jenna had pulled Scott down over her telling him she needed a man's cock and he didn't bother to give it a second thought as he eased her legs open and slid right up into her as each of their spouses busied themselves with the Sybian. Oh, they knew what was happening, it was just a few feet away but it somehow just all made sense the way it was going.
  • "Oh, this Sybian has changed everything, Scott. Have you wanted to fuck me like I've been wanting you?" Jenna whispered while their spouses enjoyed themselves a few feet away.
  • "Can you feel my cock, Jenna, that's how much I've wanted to fuck you. And now it looks like this is going to change everything, like you said."
  • "Have Marsha and Sophie used it yet?"
  • "Not yet, Maureen asked me who I wanted to put on it first and I said you, Jenna," he told her as she grinned up at him feeling him driving deeply into her with each thrilling thrust. Oh, the Sybian is a wonder, she thought but a handsome man with a hard cock is something that is quite wonderful just on its own.
  • "I'll bet they have the same response to the Sybian as I've had. I told Jim that he might as well expect me to end up fucking you and, well, that's when he told me how much he wanted all sex with all my friends. So, we're sure in this for wherever it leads us all. I hope we all end-up swapping. I'm really ready for it and this is the perfect start."
  • "I am, too, mmm, it's feeling really close," he said as they both now heard Maureen screaming over on the Sybian as their own orgasms edged nearer and nearer.
  • "Mmm, the one thing the Sybian can't do is put its cum inside me, I'm wanting yours so much, Scott, I can't wait to feel it get all creamy and luscious-feeling inside me. I'll always remember the first guy that I took unprotected, that first time I felt his cum, oh, I knew it was slippery and thick, I'd sucked and jacked enough cocks to know that, but inside me like that, oh, I love it when it's hard enough to keep going. I've always wondered why they didn't make a sex lube that looked and felt like a man's cum, mmm, I'd love feeling that like right from the start, right as his cock pushes into me."
  • And then Jenna began to shiver and shake, knowing that this was just the first time that she would feel Scott's cock inside her as the images of all three husbands came into her mind as the tingly waves of ecstasy washed up through her, far different from the Sybian but even more lovely with a man up above her ready to ejaculate so sweetly into her, Jenna has loved every time it has happened and now she felt Scott drive into her and now felt those wondrous pulses along his length as she lifted her feet up over his shoulders to take it all deeply inside where she so wanted it.
  • "Cum, Scott, cum in me, honey, mmm, I love it," she gasped as she began turning her hips around on his cock feeling it shift around inside her as they kept themselves fully connected, tightly pressed one against another. And then they began to hear Jim and Maureen and both now watched as Jim was standing there arched in front of her while Scott's wife held steady swallowing his cum.
  • "Looks like everybody's happy, Jenna," Scott said to her now lifting her feet up over her head to fuck straight down into her the way he loved to do his wife.
  • "Oh, Scott, take long strokes, nice and slow, make me feel that delicious cock of yours," she panted, not caring who heard her, it was just too good to hold back and he even began taking his cock out as he widened her feet apart to reenter her each time and began driving himself fully down into her each time as her head fell back and she began to groan in shivers of blissful pleasure.
  • They all spent the rest of the afternoon with their wives on the Sybian and ended their evening on the patio, all four naked as Scott grilled two steaks, one for his wife and Jim and one for Jenna and him, keeping them the way they all wanted and then another Sybian ride for each wife and then to bed, keeping with the others spouse for a lovely night in each other's arms.