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Chapter 4

  • He had purposely not mentioned her friends during this time and it was when they were snuggled together Sunday evening that she brought them up.
  • "This Sybian is just incredible, thank you for buying it for me, Scott, I know it wasn't cheap but, omigod, what it does to me is incredible. Well, you see it, of course. If you were hard right now, I'd give you a nice suck but, well…" she snickered as her fingers flopped it back and forth under the sheet.
  • "Oh, I'm fine, I never thought you'd be sucking me so much."
  • "I know, well, when I'm on it, it just drives me to do it, it's like the experience isn't complete unless I've got your cock in my mouth. To me, sucking on you makes it complete somehow. You look happy about that," she smiled as she rubbed over his soft cock in her hand.
  • "I've been wondering if I should tell my friends about this, they'll all want to ride on it if I do. But if I don't tell them, well, if they ever found out, they'd be pissed that I didn't and I couldn't blame them, either, it is an amazing machine."
  • And this was just what he'd been waiting for.
  • "Well, it's pretty well-built so I guess if you want to let any of them come and try it, it would stand-up to that. Do you think I should run it or have each husband come do it? That might just get us all involved together. Is that something that would bother you if I got sucked some?" he asked knowing her answer might likely change things in their marriage.
  • "Well, we've been together a while now and, um, this Sybian is a big change, it's really put the excitement back in, I guess some swapping might be fun? Are you thinking that this might get us all to swap? I'm kinda feeling different about things like that? And if they sucked you, well, that would be okay with me."
  • "Well, say Marsha comes over to try it and brings Josh. It's kinda hard to think of a way that could happen without us all getting into it together?"
  • "Well, um, is that so bad, really? What would you say to taking her to bed, I'd expect she'd be pretty good?" she asked him just the way he wanted.
  • "Oh, I think all of your friends make the cut as far as that goes. How do you feel about your husband fucking your friends?"
  • "Oh, probably about the same as you might feel about me fucking their husbands," she chuckled. "Is that an answer you were hoping for?" she asked playing with his cock, feeling it regaining a just bit of hardness at the thought of him putting it into each one of her friends.
  • "Well, it's in interesting answer. Who should we have use this next?" he asked her and she turned it right around on him.
  • "Why don't you tell me who you most want to fuck?" she said as she slipped down to suck him.
  • "Mmm, I think, maybe, Jenna."
  • "Mmm, good choice, hon, I wouldn't mind seeing Jim after checking a few of his bulges at times and from what she's told me he's got in his pants," she lifted up to say and then she went back to sucking him until she got a dribble that told her she'd done all she could and then they cuddled and went to sleep knowing things were going to change and change quite soon.
  • They decided she would tell Jenna on Monday and she was all excited to come try out Maureen's new Sybian and didn't raise a single objection about Scott being there, she even said how exited she was to be getting naked like this in front of her husband, telling Maureen, "Just don't expect me to be on my best behavior after riding that, it's one of my favorite things to watch and I've got to believe that it's going to set me on fire, just warning you, Maureen, my own husband might not be enough for me after that," and they set this up for Saturday at one and all four of them now waited eagerly until then.
  • As Maureen opened the door wearing just a sundress, Jenna pulled her into a kiss and said, "Oh, take me to it, it's all I've been wanting since we first talked about it, I am so psyched," she told her excitedly and they all went back to the bedroom it was in and Jenna went right up to it and stood there looking at it, already mounted with the cock Maureen mostly uses, the medium one.
  • "It's already lubed and ready for you," Maureen told Jenna as they quickly got naked as well.
  • And Jenna was getting up over it and settling herself down driving it full up into her as Scott picked up the control and handed it to his friend.
  • "You know the thing, Scott, we've been watching videos but I can never see how far up they turn the knobs, let me watch you first," he said and then added, "Don't worry, Jenna knows the guy with the control gets sucked," he chuckled as Jenna now leaned forward opening her mouth as he turned on some vibes making her eyes widen and he took a step to put his cock in her mouth as he saw his wife from the corner of his eye reach down and take Jim's cock as he put his arm over her shoulder to take her breast in hand and rub and squeeze it while they watched.
  • Jenna was sucking as Scott did a few things with the controls, giving her a ride like he was now doing to Maureen several times a day and her sucking was just like his wife's, excitedly driven by the extreme feelings pulsing up through her body, putting her into a frenzy of sexual feverishness, sucking him almost uncontrollably as drool began to run down from her mouth onto her breasts, he kept upping the knobs until her head finally flew back and Jenna began screaming, oh, this wasn't pain, he'd seen it too many times in the days since he began sending Maureen into these erupting spasms of ecstasy, craving more and more each day until she was just drained. And then she wanted more the next day.