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Chapter 21

  • Scott took the smaller one, clicked it on and began rubbing it around the base of her nipples, making them harden and rise even farther than they already had and once they were at their highest, he dropped his head down to suck and pull and nibble on each one, feeling with his lips how rock-like they were as he dragged the humming vibrator down over her belly and abdomen to run around over her crimson bush where he knew her clit was.
  • Nearby, Maureen's vibrator with the larger head was touching over her labia, now swollen with so much arousal from the Sybian. Scott's vibrator was right above so Maureen picked up the small one and turned it on about half-way up in its vibrations, and dropped it beneath to touch her right around her booty-hole, keeping it off it just for now to let her get used to it as Bridget's body jumped a bit when she first touched near there.
  • "Oh, are you going to put that in me down there? If you do, just use some lube, okay?"
  • Well, those words weren't exactly permission but Maureen figured they were close enough as Scott handed her the tube and she got out a little dollop and smeared it over that little crinkly opening and then brought the small vibe back to rub around as Bridget began to gasp at times.
  • "Is it okay? Want it inside?" Maureen asked her as she sucked in a deep breath telling her, "Yes," as her hand put a little pressure in teasing the small tip into her as she let out a raspy groan as it began to be slowly worked up into her while Scott ran the other vibrator over her clit.
  • "Oh, fuck me with it, real slow, please, mmm, oh, just like that," Bridget exhaled deeply as she remembered the first time she'd ever taken anything anally. "Go slow and I think I'll cum from it."
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