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Chapter 16

  • Of course, the Sybian machine was at Scott and Maureen's house, so they were the ones to contact Bridget, a Junior at one of the two local colleges, rather amazing them with what she offered of herself in turn for some rides on their Sybian. She put it simply that she would do "basically anything you two want of me," and when they read her reply they both immediately agreed that this was their first to be invited. So they sent her a reply and asked if she could come for a Saturday afternoon for several rides on the Sybian and within minutes had her eager assent for this coming Saturday telling them she could hardly wait and asked them if she could mention this to any of her friends that she was going to be trying one of these machines out.
  • Of course, Maureen wrote back and left little doubt that she and her husband would be there waiting for her and that she could even stay the night if she wanted.
  • The days ticked by for the three of them, each one excited and aroused by what the possibilities could be. They had all seen pictures of each other and were each expecting things to be just as sexual as one might expect under the circumstances. They now even traded some naked pictures of themselves and simply waited until the time passed.
  • Then, right at one on Saturday, their doorbell sounded and they both went up to let her in and took her into a threesome-hug, yes, a bit nervous, but all liking what they were seeing in each other.
  • "You're so cute, Bridget, oh, I love your red hair, you really stand out, come back to our fun room and take a look at the Sybian," Maureen told her as they all went back to the furthest spare bedroom which had the Sybian where the bed normally would be.
  • Scott had already prepared it with the larger of the cock attachments along with the clit-pad to lean over on and then lubed the shaft so it was all ready and waiting for Bridget.
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