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Chapter 15

  • Oh, a lot has happened to these four couples since that fateful lunch their husbands had after a somewhat uninspired round of golf when their talk soon turned to other more interesting topics. And the one they settled on was about something that many married couples seem unable to avoid during their years together. Yes, all four husbands, after their morning out golfing, began discussing the ways that their sex had changed, especially in the last few years.
  • But then, Scott brought up what had been on his mind for some time.
  • "I know we've talked about it before but, you know, I'm really ready to do something to boost our sex life. I'm just tired of having to ask Maureen every time I get horny. I've been trying to think how I can get her interested in sex again and short of finding some young guy with a big one, I've just been at a loss. Well, until just the other day. Anyone like to hear my idea?" and they all had to wait as the waitress was walking up with their beer.
  • "Everybody know what a Sybian™ machine is?" Scott asked and that set off their discussion of the Sybian, they had all seen the videos, after all, and were equally impressed watching it grind the woman from one amazing orgasm right directly into another.
  • So, the upshot, as we know, was to wait and see what effect it had on Scott and Maureen's sex life and we've seen all that had since come about with then all using it and being naked with each other, quickly leading into open sex among the four couples.
  • Well, that began it all. First letting Maureen use it as much as she wanted and, amazingly, she just couldn't seem to get enough. Her orgasms were so strong, so vibrant, so amazingly intense, that she quickly agreed to let her three best friends, Sophie, Jenna and Marsha to each begin using it one at a time, each with her husband there as well, each couple seeing that this just might permanently alter the dynamic between the eight of them, especially sexually.
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