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Our Neighborhood Harem; Making Our Wives Into Sybian Sex Slaves

Our Neighborhood Harem; Making Our Wives Into Sybian Sex Slaves

Reese Cantwell

Update: 2021-10-14

Chapter 1

  • The four of them all agreed that their sex with their wives was okay but not what it was when they were dating or first-married. Hardly something surprising to hear after nearly a decade of marriage.
  • They had finished a round of golf and were waiting for their beers to be served when Scott brought it up again.
  • "I know we've talked about it before but, you know, I'm really ready to do something to boost our sex life. I'm just tired of having to ask Maureen every time I get horny. I've been trying to think how I can get her interested in sex again and without finding some young guy with a big one, I've just been at a loss. Well, until just the other day. Anyone want to hear my idea?" and they all had to wait as the waitress was walking up with their beer.
  • Then after the first quenching gulp, they all wanted to hear his idea, it was an interest shared by them all, Josh, Vince and Jim, as well.
  • "Everybody know what a Sybian machine is?" Scott asked as he grinned at them to see their heads all nodding. "Well, it's pricy but, well, I'm willing to spend the money."
  • "That's great for Maureen but what does it get for you?" Jim asked taking another sip.
  • "You bet it's great for Maureen. That's what I want to do, I've watched the videos and, well, I'm buying it for her."
  • "Wait, if you were operating the controller, wouldn't you get a lot of cock-sucking as well?" Josh asked having watched quite a few of these videos himself. The Sybian is a fascinating device, watching a woman riding on top of one as she is literally driven up into an unparalleled orgasm is a sight to behold. And watching these videos over and over is where Scott got his idea.
  • "Yeah, probably, that's what I'm thinking. Well, look, I like being sucked so that's hardly a downside. But what I really want to try with Maureen is to get her on it as much as I can, every day, as much as she'll do it and just see if it becomes something she really wants to have, like can't live without, and then see if I can use it to get her to do other things?" he told them as they all stared at him thinking of the things they might each want to have their own wives begin to do. So many things that they all seemed to do back then and then, just slowly seemed to fade away as life seemed to take them all over.
  • "I think you've got a great idea, if that thing isn't addictive, well, I don't know what would be," Vince said.
  • "Well, maybe that nineteen-year-old with an eleven-inch cock?" Jim chuckled as they all laughed, knowing just what a hit that might just be with each of their wives.
  • "Well, I've done some thinking about this and if I can get Maureen to want this the way I'm hoping, maybe I could get her to see if any of your wives would want to use it?" he then added, now letting them all think about what he said as he took another swallow of beer.
  • "Would you be running it for them? Sounds like a great deal for you, Scott, that way you get all our wives to suck you while you get them off. And maybe a lot more?" Josh posed as they all shifted around in their chairs.
  • "Um, yeah, I suppose it would. Well, what if I had Maureen invite each of your wives to come over, with you, and use it, maybe get them to open up to it that way? And see where that goes, maybe even with Maureen and I joining in if we could get that to happen? You know, something like that?"
  • "Well, I think you need to do your part with Maureen and see how that goes. But if it works like you hope, then, well, then we can all try to decide how to go from there," Josh said and that seemed to get everyone's agreement. So they finished their beer and all headed home and it was the next day that Scott ordered the Sybian.
  • That night, he told Maureen that he had something to show her but wanted to do it in bed, naked, and she looked at him like he was just a bit crazy.
  • "Just trust me," he told her and they put their dinner dishes in the dishwasher and set it to run and went off to bed.
  • He'd found about a half dozen really good videos of women riding the Sybian, rather impressed how many good ones there were, even some obviously done by the couple themselves and when they settled-in next to each other she slid her hand up under his laptop where it was already warm and took his hard cock in her hand.
  • "I'm assuming this is something to get me in the mood, yes?"
  • "It might be, let's watch and then you tell me?" he said as he began the first video, this one of a blond who even looked a little like his wife and it opened with her squatting up over the cock attachment that was standing up from the curved top of the machine. And as she settled down on it, Maureen squeezed his cock and grinned.
  • "Oh, that's that machine for women, oh look, he's working the controls, lucky her," she said grinning as she watched the woman become taken over by the ecstasy that was now flooding up through her. This was Scott's favorite of all the Sybian videos he'd found though there are so many of them that he just simply gave up when he had enough to know that Maureen would be totally convinced that it would be something she would want and enjoy.