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Chapter 76 Heartstopper (Season Finale)

  • Carina's POV - I folded my arms and tilted
  • her head toward the morning sun as the private jet lifted off into the incredibly blue sky. 
  • A soft breeze whispered through my hair, and the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle tickled my nose. While I stood, Damian made a routine check of his sleek jet. He's very good at flying, I'll grant him that.
  • The familiar ache of the past throbbed at my temples. I jabbed a finger against the nosepiece of my designer sunglasses, angry with myself for still caring.
  • "Isn't it a great day for flying?" Greg asked as he approached me across the bright tarmac, his gorgeous face beaming. He wore khaki slacks with casual grace, a peach golf shirt curved over his athletic chest and tapered nicely into them. All those hours at the gym had paid off for him, just as they had for me. People would think we will make the ideal couple: fit, attractive, and successful. If only they knew I didn't judge success by my appearance or the size of Damian's bank account anymore. I had learned the hard way that a good-looking face and a well-sculpted body isn't always who you end up with.
  • Damian continued to speak, his blue-gray eyes twinkling. "You're not saying anything."
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