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Chapter 72 Hate To Want You

  • Damian's POV - She was dressed in yellow.
  • The color was the first thing that caught my attention. Among the black orchids, a daffodil blooms. Women in the arty crowd appeared to always be dressed in black—leather, satin, silk, slinky knits—and accessorized with gold chains or exotic costume jewelry. It was like wearing a uniform that said, "I belong here. I am a part of this sophisticated, refined world." They had come to see or be seen at the preview of my exhibition, and the gallery was packed with them.
  • I, too, was dressed in black—silk shirt, designer jeans, a casual leather jacket, and Italian shoes. 
  • I love art, and so does Carina.
  • I was drawn to the woman in yellow. She didn't seem to mind being different or standing out. There are not many people who could pull off that color. It's either too dominant, sallowing the skin, or washing out the person. But it looked stunning on her. A simple linen suit with clean, classic lines was just perfect on her.
  • She carried herself like a model, tall and slim with straight shoulders to emphasize her figure's striking curves and a long neck to support her thick fall of silky caramel hair that fell to her shoulders. Her face was attractive and natural-looking, with the golden tan of her smooth skin gleaming with vitality rather than being matted by make-up. Aristocratic features include bright eyes, a lush mouth, and a straight nose.
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