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Chapter 50 After

  • One Week Later
  • Carina's POV - I walked into the foyer of the first loft my real estate agent, Isabella, wants to show me. She has incredibly large, curly brown hair with the most stunning blue eyes disguised behind ugly, black-framed glasses. Her cheery demeanor and clever negotiation skills made up for her lack of elegance. 
  • I made a mental note to thank Maxwell for introducing me to her. I'm confident that she'll find me a good deal on a loft or condo. The loft or condo isn't for me, I'm giving it to Vincent as his birthday gift. He had refused to collect money from me but he definitely won't refuse a birthday gift. 
  • The foyer has a slate floor and it's completely surrounded by windows. Isabella and I reverberate as we walk in lockstep, clicking and clacking like a horse's hooves. I'm hoping we make it to the carpet before anyone notices us. She walked me to an elevator at the far end of the front lobby, which she enters and presses number seven. The doors opened, making way for the carpeted hallway. It's not a typical rug, but rather it was designer rugs from Italy, precisely. Judging from the lobby and the seventh-floor corridor, this is definitely expensive. 
  • I caught up with her after a couple of long steps; she was walking quickly in front of me.
  • "Are you sure this is within the budget?" I asked.
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