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Chapter 16 Stuck With You

  • Carina's POV - The dining table was decorated with red candles set in tortoise-shell holders. Bottles of wine were placed at the centre of the table and we were being served all sort of dishes.
  • In matching clothing, Maxwell and Gabriella walked towards us. I became nervous after sighting them. Maxwell was so handsome and perfect on that suit. I was turned on by seeing him.
  • I took a wine and poured in my cup. I drank it one gulp. I was pouring in another when he greeted us on the table. He had a handshake with Vincent, dad embraced him, and he got the ladies smiling (Belinda and Natasha). 
  • I was holding the glass, my hands were shaking. The fragrance of his perfume was arousing me to the point that it was clouding my vision and sense. 
  • "Carina," Maxwell called softly.
  • I didn't realize he had gotten so close to me, and I mistakenly spilled wine on him. 
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