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Chapter 8

  • She was soaking wet when she reached their doorway. It was pouring hard when she heads home. She doesn't mind walking in the rain as her mind was elsewhere from the moment she stepped out of the building, traveling and when she hopped out from the taxi.
  • Zach. 
  • She was thinking of their heated kisses before his father's arrival, waking her up to the reality that she left him, five years ago. He said, he was still in love with her, but she was wondering why was she alone tonight?
  • Right, she gave Zach and his father their time. He insisted her to stay but she left. What if she waited after their talk and continue what has been interrupted?
  • She was alone, Erin was on duty for work. Her feelings and the empty house make her lonely. She showered for a long time until her fingers shrank looking like an old skin.
  • She touched her lips as she stares herself in the mirror. God, how she missed him! She was imagining their shared kisses earlier that makes her feel hot. A feeling of wanting that just frustrates her.
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