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Chapter 5

  • Scylla's world was spinning unable to know what is happening.
  • Zach lifted him from her seat and without warning he captured her lips. He can't anymore control the pull of gravity. She was shocked when she got a taste of him, she blinked many times to make sure that it was really happening.
  • Zach was kissing her. His kisses were hard and demanding, seeking an entrance while she stood like a mannequin. It rages Zach when Scylla is not responding to his kisses. So, it was only him who has this feeling?
  • Scylla wanted to take the opportunity, but her senses were very clear now. Zach deserves an apology before anything else. She was tempted to kiss him back, but she can't, she can't do that to him.
  • She hates herself on thinking that way, but it is for the better, so she pushed him to break the kiss.
  • "No." She said and the feeling of rejection was evident at Zach's face.
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