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Chapter 2

  • Zachary Anderson is now a successful businessman; he fully took over his father's business. Five years ago, he was just an apprentice, sharping his skills starting from the bottom. His father trained him, and Zach thought it was wise that way. He knew a lot about the company, the people and its operation.
  • Today he is wise that completely matched his beautiful face, which was adored by women, but there's only one woman he can't forget -Scylla Grace.
  • She was his intern secretary; things were simple back then. She was all he needs. She is a dedicated, reliable, hard-working woman, beautiful and kind, in short, a total package.
  • She was the peace of his struggling world. She was far from the other women, she never seeks for his attention, it was him otherwise. He was secretly admiring her; he can't afford to ruin her future career if his father will find out. His father clearly told him to focus on the business and dating especially his intern is not included in his training.
  • He hid his secret so well, even if he has all the chances to take it to the next level, but he didn’t, and it aches him so much like something inside him about to burst out. The more he keeps it, the bigger is his feelings for her.
  • She wanted to be the reason for her laughter, her shoulder to cry on. He sometimes caught her crying that she immediately laughs it off. 
  • One day Scylla reminded him that she has one month left of her internship. Zach realized that she is worth the risk, so he did and it was the happiest day of his life. 
  • Scylla loves him too and they have the sunshine and rainbow of their days together.
  • She was his world and he was her in the remaining days of her internship.
  • Nothing stays a secret when they were obviously in love, so his father soon found out, but his worries were nothing. His father approves of their relationship.
  • He has the company, the woman he loves and the approval of his father. It was perfect but then nothing is permanent, Scylla was gone out of his life like ashes in the wind leaving without traces.
  • His father helps to find her, but they can't locate her. He was crushed like he was not worth it. He was betrayed and felt like trash that she just left behind.
  • Broken, sadness then angers. That's what he felt for her and she stays in his heart for the long years, a dagger that always pierced his heart any moment she wanted to.
  • He moved on but never about Scylla, his anger was deep to be forgotten. Women for him were like Scylla in different forms, capable of hurting someone.
  • Five years has passed making Zach believe that he was completely forgotten by her but then, that's when he met Erin, one of his employees.
  • Scylla is finally back in the city after five long years from hiding. He wanted to ask Erin, but he wanted answers from Scylla alone, the woman who tormented him until today.
  • "Sir, Scylla is already here." The admin said from the other line.
  • Zach's heart was beating so fast that he finds it hard to breathe. How can the name of a woman affect him that way?
  • It was mixed emotions. He hates to admit but he was longing for her, but he convinced himself that it was hate he feels. He reminded himself again that Scylla is a dagger that he wanted to be off his chest.
  • He stepped out from his room to clear his head. He regretted inviting her, he realized he wasn't ready for confrontation yet. He wasn't ready for her answers tonight.
  • Will he be able to crush her, or it is him, will be crushed again?
  • The glassdoor slid open and there was Scylla, he can't ever forget her, her familiar back was facing him. He wanted to hug her very tightly.
  • Foolish heart. He scolded himself with a deep frown.
  • "Scylla." His own mouth mumbled without his instructions, it's aching him and he tried his best to conceal it.
  • The woman was clearly surprised as she immediately faces him.
  • "Zachary Anderson." She called for him, making it worse.
  • He hardened his facade and it was for the best.
  • He will get the answers tonight and to let go completely of her, out of his life.