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Once Upon A Time In High School And Other Stories

Once Upon A Time In High School And Other Stories

Moni Sky

Last update: 2022-01-28


  • Jane P.O.V
  • OMG! This guy is too cute and handsome.This is my type of guy, I don't think
  • i am going to need Jeffery again. He may be leader of the Amazing Boyz but he is not the boss of me. He is not half as handsome as him. He's just forcing himself on me and by the way I only like being called the Queen cause he is the King and i will be his queen, since am his girlfriend.Have been trying to get of him but he proves stubborn, now that Justin is here.
  • There is no need of him and I will not stop until
  • i have him all to myself. I'm Jane Adams and i always get what I want.
  • Stacy P.O.V
  • I was stunned on seeing the new guy whose name happened to be Justin. I never thought I will say this but, this guy is really a handsome dude.Then, the principal told me to take him to my class cause we are in the same class. I noticed that he was staring at me but I pretended to have seen him. I introduced him to my classmates as a new member of our class.
  • They were happy to have a new classmate. He needed seat, so
  • i asked them if anyone would like to accommodate him. I was surprised when Jane said she like him to sit with her.I know Jane would never do that without a purpose. I was a bit jealous when it happened and I seem not to know why, or am
  • i falling for the guy.?No
  • !, Never. He's really cute so Jane must have like him. Jane only does that when she's crazy about someone and i know her to be very desperate and are guys not to be messed with another fellow girl.Class commences, after which some teachers came to teach us. I was reading my books when I saw Jane shouting at Jeffery.
  • Jane was totally boiled up. I have never seen her this angry, something
  • must have went wrong. They were shouting at a high tone and I was able to hear their conversation.
  • Jane: Leave me alone
  • Jeffery: What's wrong with you Jane?.
  • Jane: I told you, am tired of this relationship
  • Jeffery: Are you alright, Do you know what you're saying?.
  • Jane: yea, you heard me right, I'm done with you.
  • Jeffery: You can't do this to me. you know what I’m capable of doing.
  • Jane: You Suck! To hell with you and your boys.And more Jeff. ''I hate you''.
  • Jeffery: You think you're smart. If I don't have you, nobody will. I am very poisonous and you know that.
  • Jane: (mimics him) You are not only a poisonous snake but a poisonous monkey. Poisonous my foot (Jeffery tries to touch her) get away from me. (he tries again, and he got a very thunderous slap from Jane which echoed through the class).
  • Jeffery: What ! (Jeffery guys stands up ready to beat the living hell out of Jane).They were about to beat her when
  • i heard Jeff. say stop.
  • Jeffery: Stop! Guys chill, remember she still the queen.(turns to Jane) i still love you Jane, I will stop at nothing till i have you back to myself.
  • Jane: Pathetic fool.Jane said to Jeff
  • and left.-----------------------
  • -------
  • What do you think will happen to Jane After all his drama shown to Jeffery her boyfriend.
  • Uhmm...Sorry Her ex-boyfriend 'cos
  • she don't like him anymore because of the new guy "JUSTIN" 
  • What's your opinion???