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Chapter 46

  • Alex’s POV
  • I was so drained and tired, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow that night.
  • But I woke up earlier than usual. My mind was still spinning with so many details about the plan I sat all day yesterday developing on my own to lure my uncle back into town on his own.
  • I couldn’t leave Snow and go to Canada to end him myself, I needed him to come to me. To face all of us when he admits that he killed his brother for power. I wanted him to die here, in the same place where he buried his brother with his own hands. He killed him and grieved at his funeral! It couldn’t get anymore degrading and disgusting than that.
  • The plan was risky as hell. But I couldn’t think of a better safer one.
  • I couldn’t tell anyone about it until the day it has to be carried on in, not even Lucas. Especially not Lucas.
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