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Chapter 31

  • Alex’s POV
  • The doctor comes back after two hours to give her the antibiotics she needed and check on her. She still had a slight fever but it was manageable.
  • My mom also comes to check on us and stays next to her as she pats on her hair gently. And Jennifer seemed to calm down a bit by those tender gestures.
  • My hand would stop just a few inches from her hair as I try to do the same thing my mother was doing to comfort her, but I withdraw it every time, I had no right to do it, to comfort her, when I was her biggest source of fear for the past few days. Plus, she did threaten me about touching her while she’s asleep and I didn’t want to do something she warned me not to do.
  • I stayed next to her the entire time, not leaving her side as she stayed asleep, murmuring nonchalantly every once in a while due to her fever.
  • I noticed her phone silently getting multiple calls from a person called Megan throughout the day.
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