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Chapter 27

  • Alex’s POV
  • As soon as I stood up from the bed, I saw her flinch away from me and stand shakily at the adjacent wall from the bathroom door where she was standing before.
  • Her entire body was visibly trembling and her face was plastered with fear plainly for the first time. Her green eyes were shining with terror.
  • I realized at that moment that she was almost certain I will make good on my promise and punish her because I caught her lying to me and doing something behind my back. She was afraid of me, wholeheartedly.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I was raging mad after I saw that message on her phone. I felt a little betrayed, if I didn’t know about their morning meeting before hand plus her reaction to his visit and her throwing him out, I would have been a lot more angrier right now. I would have assumed right away that she was in contact with him secretly because she was planning something against me and nothing she would have said was going to convince me otherwise.
  • That’s exactly what she is thinking right now. That’s why she found herself unable to speak or open her mouth at all. Her fear of me was controlling her.
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