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Chapter 26

  • Zulqarnain's POV:
  • I was brushing my teeth when I heard loud car horn sound, and what's irritating that the driver forgot to pull his hand away from it.
  • "What the hell." Mumbling in irritation I came out from the bathroom, then I noticed that the horn sound is a way too familiar for me to ignore and coming from a very close distance.
  • No way, Ahmar...
  • In shock, I rushed outside, it's very rare for Ahmar to use his car, last time he used it was a year ago when he got in accidents while speeding and couldn't drive bike for weeks. The Same thought raises my mind as I walk towards the gate but the scene that came in my view was way more unexpected than Ahmar's accident. With wide eyes, I watch Hira getting inside Ahmar's car and what's more shocking, he was allowing her to sit in the front seat. Because I remember how he taunts me that not every female should sit in the front seat and he will only allow those women to sit in his car's front seat that is extremely special to him.
  • Hira...?
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