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Chapter 30

  • I wipe my sweaty hands on my dress as I patiently waited for Liam to open the door. I can't exactly explain why I suddenly felt so sweaty but I knew for a fact that I was nervous as hell.
  • It's been a while since I last saw him and I've really missed him so much. I felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach although I can't exactly pinpoint what it was.
  • I wonder what he looks like now although I wasn't expecting much changes and I know I'm being a little dramatic and over the top by even wondering what he looks like now since I still saw him about a week ago but who knows, he could have decided to grow his beards or something so I can never be too sure.
  • I was brought out of my reverie when the door flies open and there he was. The ever good looking Liam Helton was standing in front of me and my insides immediately started to heat up.
  • The feelings I always had in me, the sweet and addictive feeling I usually have when he was around me resurfaced in a thousand folds and for a minute, I felt the urge to wrap my arms around him, hug him as tightly as I could and inhale his intoxicating smell.
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