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Chapter 29

  • Days have passed since I found out about Martin transfering all his properties to me.
  • I've been doing a lot of thinking and so many thoughts on what to do have popped in my head but I still don't know the exact steps to take. I already called Martin's family to inform them of his accident even though they had both disowned him as their child.
  • His mother of course, like any good mother had paid him a visit almost immediately and it was more than obvious that she had missed him. What I can't understand is why she hasn't contacted him in years and why it had to take a tragic situation like this to finally make her come see him.
  • His father, on the other hand, has not even shown his face here once. Martin already told me just how much of a hothead his father is but I honestly doubt that is a reasonable excuse not to see your son who is currently fighting for his life but oh well, his business. I'm not in any position to judge anyone and Martin will be just fine with or without his visitation.
  • I also just happen to find out that I'm now officially worth millions of dollars from one day to the next and honestly, this realisation makes me very uneasy and uncomfortable.
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