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Chapter 27

  • LIAM.
  • Lunch with Ella's sister was partly cool. I mean, it's more than obvious that she's an obnoxious human being but she isn't exactly the empty head that I thought she was.
  • As much as I hate comparing two different people, I must say that both girls are nothing alike at all.
  • Elle, for starters, is basically only interested in things that involve making loads of money and being the centre of attention whilst doing it and she isn't exactly passionate about anything she does. When I tried talking to her as a fellow fashion company director, she basically shut me off and said that she never talks about her work outside work, except when necessary cause it bores her to death.
  • Ella, on the other hand loved talking about her work. It's one of the many things that made me instantly attracted to her. There's so much passion in her voice whenever she talked about being a designer and whenever she talked about how she'd love for her outfits to one day walk on the biggest runways in the industry. That passion, is something Elle completely lacked.
  • "Do you need a ride home? Cause I see you didn't drive here." I ask Elle politely, after I pay for our lunch.
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